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Building a platform sounds overwhelming, exhausting.

Where do you even start?


Gifted writers create magnificent projects that only a few readers enjoy. They write books that struggle to find a publishing home.

All because of "platform."

(Almost makes you want to give up, doesn't it?)

  • You have a message you believe matters, but you're struggling to be found, heard, or read.
  • You don't even know what a platform is, but an agent told you to build one.
  • You know what a platform is, but you have no idea where to start.
  • You don't want to game the system to ramp up vanity numbers; you want to build meaningful connections.
  • Most platform-building tactics turn you off—you wish there was another way.
  • You're just starting out and ready to establish your presence online...but how?
  • You're shifting your author brand to a new topic or audience and need to reach a whole new set of people. Did you blow it?
  • You're tired of working on your platform all alone—you long for a community.

First things first: what's a platform?

An author platform or writing platform is all the ways you reach and retain readers.

That's it in a nutshell.

Building a platform, then, means to create ways for people to connect with you and your work.

But to creative people, "building a platform" to "reach and retain readers" sounds like marketing mumbo jumbo. And building a platform sounds exhausting, overwhelming, and uncomfortable when you're just starting out or making it up on your own.

We want to make a difference in people's lives with our story. We're ready to pass along the ideas and information that helped us transform.

In other words, we want to be read.

Start with that.

Start with your message, your story, your transformation: That's at the heart of why a platform matters.

Because your message matters, your platform matters.

And a platform is how you'll reach readers.

A platform—not a secret hope that the right people will magically find your words—is how you will be found and read.

Deep down you know that. And you're ready to reach readers.

I suspect you're open to ideas.

Where do you start?

The process of building a platform can start with your heart—your heart for readers.

Platform-building takes time, but it’ll go much faster with a coach, a plan, and a community that spurs you on. Working with others on a similar path, bouncing ideas off of them—even collaborating from time to time—makes platform building fun!

A Better Way

As a writing coach, I saw too many writers with a message, a story, and a heart to reach readers...but no idea how to share it. The Internet threw too much information at them: try this, try that.

Stuck and stalled, talented writers lost motivation. They gave up, overwhelmed.

I created this membership program to provide clarity and training within a methodology that supports authentic connections and builds a platform comprised of people you really want to connect with.

Wouldn't it be great to build a platform alongside others?

Join us in Your Platform Matters!

Your Platform Matters (YPM) is a warm, encouraging membership program that walks with you through the process of establishing and expanding a meaningful author platform that reaches your ideal readers.


Membership perks include:

✓ Members-only group space where you’ll participate in ongoing coaching, discussion, and resources

✓ Core curriculum guiding you through the D.E.E.P. platform methodology (where we go Deep, Establish, Expand, Pour into others)

✓ Coaching calls twice a month with writing coach Ann Kroeker

✓ Monthly training to support your platform growth

✓ Members-only monthly challenges

✓ Weekly "Shares" where members link to what they've created, from blog posts and newsletters to courses and social media updates

So much goodness! Check out what you'll get with YPM.

With Your Platform Matters...

➤ You'll get the guidance you're looking for to better understand smart ways to prioritize activities.

➤ You'll learn the key elements necessary for your platform's foundation.

➤ You'll devote time to establishing and expanding your platform.

➤ You'll strengthen your platform numbers and reach more readers.

➤ You enjoy access to a writing coach.

➤ You'll gain confidence while you experiment—we're here to cheer you on and brainstorm ideas in a community that cares.

You'll see how to position and present yourself so your message is clear.

➤ You'll be led by a coach who offers guidance to take the first step, and the next, to build a platform you're proud of as you pour into your readers.

➤ You can invest in your writing life in focused ways that matter, getting past that "stuck" feeling and making progress.

Your Platform Matters is a steal!

At just $12/month (USD), this membership program provides you with guidance specific to building a platform. Whether you're establishing your online presence or looking to boost your platform before pitching publishers, we have training and coaching to help you level up.

Here’s what people are saying about your platform coach and the program...

There is extra joy in my heart from this group!

"There are so many gifts in YPM, but two of my favorites are closely intertwined: There is a foundational belief of there being room for everyone, which has led to great collaborations and lifting of one another. There is extra joy in my heart from this group! What a blessing!"

- Kellie LaFollette, Writer at Reframing Rain and founding member of YPM

You will feel you've found gold.

"You will feel you've found gold in all that Ann offers in Your Platform Matters. This is a safe and accepting place to learn and grow, and Ann is a gracious and encouraging coach who will take you to the next level."

- Cathy Fort Leyland, Writer, Blogger

I highly recommend Your Platform Matters.

"I joined Your Platform Matters because I wanted to focus on finding my readers in a way that feels compatible with who I am. Ann’s deep platform methodology that focuses on engaging and serving readers felt just right. I continued in the group because not only have I seen results (25% increase in email subscribers and 50% increase in Instagram followers) but also I’ve found a great community of like-minded writers who are willing to help each other develop in this critical part of the writing life. I highly recommend Your Platform Matters, especially to anyone who’s ready to do the work to grow your platform."

- Charity Singleton Craig, writer, speaker, author of The Art of the Essay and coauthor of On Being a Writer


Here are some of the trainings we've hosted

Each month we host a training that addresses an area of platform growth. Members have access to that library of content as well as upcoming events they can attend live (via Zoom)!

Below is a sample...


About your platform coach, Ann Kroeker

Writing Coach Ann Kroeker is a writing coach, author, speaker, and host of the podcast “Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach,” which has landed on The Write Life’s annual “100 Best Websites for Writers” list every year since 2016.

Ann leverages over three decades of experience in the writing and publishing world to serve and support writers looking for input and confidence to establish and advance their careers. Her clients have achieved personal goals, landed contracts, hit bestseller lists, and won awards.

In her role as a writing coach, she celebrates client successes, such as acceptance into prestigious MFA programs, signed agent and book contracts, articles and essays placed in national publications, and the launch of their own freelance writing businesses. She coauthored On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts, and authored Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families and The Contemplative Mom.

"Working with Ann Kroeker has been the single most valuable addition to my writing life. Not only are courses are packed with valuable information, but her heart for her clients and passion for helping them reach their writing goals shines through in everything she does."

- Eva Kubasiak, instructor of The Word in Color course and creator of the Deep Dive Scripture Journal

Your Platform Matters is the most helpful and well thought out I have encountered on my writing journey.

"I think Ann's work here at Your Platform Matters is the most helpful and well thought out I have encountered on my writing journey on the internet."

- Sally Wessely, blogger, founding member of Your Platform Matters

"If I were Cinderella, Ann Kroeker would be my fairy godmother. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Ann is an expert coach and a warm soul. And I think she might be a tiny bit magic."

- Kim Hyland, author of An Imperfect Woman: Letting Go of the Need to Have It All Together

Ready to Dive In?

Join Your Platform Matters and build the foundation of your writing platform!

We're ready to welcome you inside the members-only space, and you can begin watching the trainings as soon as you join!

We'd love to provide the support you're looking for—you might even make some new friends.

Get started now!


Your Platform Matters will serve you well, but it can't do it all...

  • Your Platform Matters won't refer you to agents or publishers—while Ann does invite industry experts to lead trainings and interact live via interview, their accessibility is not an introduction to work with them (regardless, it's fun to show up and, when part of the training, ask questions!).
  • Your Platform Matters can't create your writing platform—this is a great place for instruction, inspiration, and resources—we do our best to motivate you and make it fun!—but neither Ann nor YPM can actually do the work of platform-building.
  • This membership is a community of writers that supports one another (with guidance and encouragement from your writing coach), so while you will get lots of questions answered in the members-only space in Mighty Networks, you won't get 1:1 coaching (but you can get a discount if you'd like to meet with Ann).
  • This membership can help writers of fiction and nonfiction build a writing or author platform, but its emphasis is on writers of nonfiction—if you're not sure, just reach out and ask Ann if it's a good fit for you!
  • Your Platform Matters is not a quick fix approach and doesn't advocate, promote, or teach methods that artificially elevate followers or subscribers—we aren't opposed to ads or contests; we simply emphasize authenticity, honest, and meaningful connections that often take time.

Look at what members have to say about Your Platform Matters

These writers can attest to its effectiveness—see what they have to say about Your Platform Matters

I still can't believe all we get here!

"I love the sheer depth of resources offered both by other members and especially Ann! There is plenty to do to meaningfully grow your platform, not busy disconnected work, but good work. It’s such a bargain too! I still can’t believe all we get here!!"

- Abigail Alleman, podcaster, Messy Life, Mighty Love

The value is off the charts!

“I have learned so much through participating in YPM and have implemented many new strategies as a result — the value is off the charts!”

- Laura Connell, author, It's Not Your Fault

I have made so much more progress in just one week than in the past 2 years.

"I have made so much more progress in just one week than in the past 2 years—working for hours, getting nowhere and finally, after days of frustration, finally giving up. The fact that I got this much done in this short time is a testament to a great group, the power of a great buddy, and a wonderful facilitator in Ann. I have learned so many things. It has been great!"

- Martha Grimm Brady, blogger

"There is no doubt that Ann's devotion toward my growth as an author provided the trajectory for success."

- Lori Ashley Taylor, author, Dragonfly: A Daughter's Emergence from Autism...a practical guide for parents

"If you’ve followed Ann’s podcast or blog, you already know her seemingly endless supply of helpful tips and resources for writers. In group coaching, she combines those resources with her delightful, thoughtful personality to provide a first-rate growth experience. None of us wanted it to end!"

- Marissa Henley, author, Loving Your Friend Through Cancer

A note from Ann

I'd love to help you build your platform!

One of my clients went from no online presence to published book in one year. That's right: she built a platform literally from scratch. It can be done, with diligence and smart methods that get you in front of the people you want to reach.

It's my delight to invest in you through Your Platform Matters, a community I serve with joy in hopes of removing barriers and building vision.

Jump in and join us. You'll discover ways to invite people into your own ecosystem where you can serve and support them. You'll enjoy opportunities to share your work and collaborate with peers. You'll gain access to me—ask questions as often as you like in the community and on coaching calls!

Everywhere you turn, you'll be in a space that values authenticity. It's who I am. It's who we are.

Your writing coach,


Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the membership have a start and end date?
Your Platform Matters will continue indefinitely. I have no plans to end this membership program.
How long do I have access to the course and members-only resources?
Once you join Your Platform Matters, you have immediate access to: - the D.E.E.P. Platform training - all of the expert trainings - all of the coaching call replays - the community space that's packed with resources - all upcoming coaching calls and trainings All of that material is available to your for as long as you're in YPM! If you step away for a few months or forever, your access to the materials will end. But if you choose to rejoin, you can jump back in—you'll find even more great resources to help you grow your platform, and we'll will be ready to support you, inform you, and answer questions.
Is the Your Platform Matters a live program or a recorded course?
Well, it's a little of both. The YPM's D.E.E.P. Platform core training is all recorded, so members can watch that right away. In addition, all of the coaching calls and trainings are available as replays. But the coaching calls calls are held live via Zoom, so if you are able to join, you'll be there live. We often break into small groups to talk about a platform-related question—members say it's their favorite part of our meetings! ​You also have 24/7 access to the members-only space (in Mighty Networks) where Ann and other members interact with you.
Are there payment plans?
As a membership program, YPM is set up with monthly payments. Once you join, you will be automatically charged the monthly fee through Teachable until you choose to take a break and step away. We do offer a six-month payment option at a lower rate (it's like getting one month free), which will automatically renew at the six-month mark. You can contact Ann if you're ready to take a break and step away from the program, which will stop payment.
I'm pitching agents and they say I need to build my platform. Is joining YPM the best solution?
Joining YPM is a great solution to helping you build your platform! Many writers who seek traditional publishing carefully craft proposals only to realize they need a platform to convince the publisher to take on this partnership. Joining Your Platform Matters is a logical and valuable step to prepare for pitching agents and publishers. In YPM, you learn principles for establishing and expanding a platform. The D.E.E.P. method is not the fastest way to gain followers, but it is a meaningful, sustainable approach that writers find more authentic, engaging, and enjoyable. We provide thoughtful information so you aren't having to piece together advice on your own, and you get to build your platform in community. Many members have collaborated to reach more readers together. It's faster (and more fun)! Most writers in this situation find they can join for about six months, apply what they learn, and see results that show a rate of growth that illustrates their ability to reach readers, which increases interest from agents and publishers. We even bring in industry experts—as soon as you join you can watch an interview with a literary agent! I hope you find Your Platform Matters suits your personality, your heart, and your values. My desire is to help writers reach goals without having to play games or sustain activities that drain and discourage them.
How long before I see results?
Writers who join benefit not only from the core training and relationships built among members but also from access to a writing coach. Through coaching calls and ongoing interaction in the members-only space, a professional writing coach and a thoughtful, generous community are available to answer questions and provide resources. While nothing is guaranteed given the variety of skill, topics, and types of readers YPM members are reaching, this instruction provides vision and action steps that—when applied consistently and over time—can increase engagement and create significant growth in three to six months. One special feature is live training from experts in the field. YPM facilitates presentations and interviews with industry experts who specialize in a particular area of platform or who offer insider insight. Take action on trainings that fit your personality, audience, and purpose—again, consistently and over time—and you'll see results. Some people join YPM for a short time and soak up all the wisdom they can as fast as they can; others commit for several months. This membership program has no end date planned and you can gain benefits from it for whatever length of time you join. You can certainly jump in to check it out and continue for as long as you wish, but publishing experts—agents, especially—say you should plan to commit to six months of steady effort to build a growing platform or to significantly expand an existing modest platform. Time in YPM will give you strategies and tactics for how to use that time well.
What if I decide to leave Your Platform Matters?
I've committed to creating the best possible membership program at an affordable fee in Your Platform Matters. It's my joy and honor to serve writers and supply them with information and encouragement to keep at it—to keep reaching readers. My hope is you'll find this exceeds your expectations, but if you find that Your Platform Matters isn't a good fit, email me within 30 days and I'll issue a full refund. At that time, you'll lose access to the replays, training materials, community space, and coaching calls. You can also stay for a few months and then contact me to let me know you'll be stepping away from YPM. At that time, your payments will end as well as your access to the materials. Even if you step away, though, you can always rejoin later!
I still have questions...
I'm happy to answer your questions. Reach out via my contact form: